Wyn-Lyn Tan's artistic practice is grounded in painting, and is driven by a fascination with remote natural landscapes and how they connect across time and culture. Trained in traditional Chinese ink painting and Western painting, her work has developed a contemporary visual vocabulary that often straddles between East and West. She considers the journey and an immersive experience of a place as a medium, and much of her work has been based on travels to unfamiliar and distant landscapes in the Northern Hemisphere, in a desire to chase the ephemeral. Her affinity with the North ties in with her Chinese sensibilities, as she finds a resonance in the vastness seen in the North, with the elusive concept of emptiness in Chinese landscape paintings. She is also interested in the nature of spaces, both metaphysical and physical, and their evocative power. In recent years, her interdisciplinary approach has included video and installation, often involving material local to the site and context. 

Her abstract paintings, while contemporary in style, seeks inspiration from traditional Shan Sui Hua (山水画) landscape paintings. As in Chinese paintings, the indelible mark of the black inked brush features prominently in her works. Her paintings hover between nature and abstraction, occasionally slipping into the reminiscence of a Chinese landscape. Beginning with a sum of random mark-making, she works towards a place where things no longer feel arbitrary and the work takes over. What begins as a first mark can eventually be obliterated and washed over with a journey of marks that suggest a constant dialogue between artist and canvas. An extensive use of water in her painting process, also often result in works that recall the alchemy of ink on rice paper.

Wyn-Lyn has been the recipient of the Highly Commended Work Award in Abstract Medium at the 22nd UOB Painting of the Year, Singapore (2003), the National Arts Council (NAC) Emerging Artist Grant (2003), NAC Arts Professional Development Grant in Visual Arts (2011) and NAC Capability Development Grant (2013). She has been awarded artist residences with Herhusid Artist Residency, Iceland (2013), and Fiskars Artist Residency, Finland (2007). In 2011, she was one of two Singaporeans to ever take up the The Arctic Circle Residency. Her works can be found in the permanent collection of the Singapore Art Museum, and have been exhibited in Singapore, Finland, Iceland, and China, including the Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing. She is represented by FOST Gallery (http://www.fostgallery.com/in Singapore, where she lives and works.   

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Curriculum Vitae  


2015-2017      MFA, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromso Academy of Contemporary Art

2002-2003   BA (Fine Art), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

2000             Attachment (Lithography), Cite International des Arts, Paris, France

1998-2001     Diploma (Fine Art), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

Selected Exhibitions

2017   Art Basel Hong Kong, presented by FOST Gallery

2016   Odyssey: Navigating Nameless Seas, Singapore Art Museum (group exhibition)

            Art Stage Singapore, presented by FOST Gallery

2015    Synchronized, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin, Germany (group exhibition)

            Echoes of Anticipation, FOST Gallery, Singapore (group exhibition)

            The Blue of Distance, FOST Gallery, Singapore (solo exhibition)

             Art Supper/ Official After-Vernissage, Art Stage Singapore (group exhibition) 

2014    Echoes of Anticipation, FOST Gallery, Singapore (group exhibition)

            I See You in the Light of the Water, Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China

            Reflection, Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China (performance)

2013    Kennd, Herhusið, Siglufjörður, Iceland (solo exhibition)

            Silence on a Milk Mountain, FOST Gallery, Singapore (solo exhibition)

2012    Peculiar Moments: Works from the NAFA Collection, Lim Hak Tai Gallery, NAFA, Singapore (group exhibition)

2011     New Readings, Jendela Visual Arts Space, The Esplanade, Singapore (group exhibition)

2010    The Weight of Water, FOST Gallery, Singapore (solo exhibition)

2009   Modern Hermit, Telok Kurau Studios Gallery, Singapore (group exhibition)

            Convergence, Telok Kurau Studios Gallery, Singapore (group exhibition)

            Singapore Art Show 2009, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore (group exhibition)

            Lighter, FOST Gallery, Singapore (solo exhibition)

2008   Prelude Art Fair, Spitalfields, London, UK (group exhibition)

2007   Transparent, The Granary, Fiskars Village, Finland (group exhibition)

            Clear and Bright, 3818 Cool Gallery, 798 Art District Beijing, China (group exhibition)

2006   Anticipation is a Yellow Sky, Instinc gallery, Singapore (solo exhibition)

            3rd International Miniart Exchange, Queen B’s Gallery, Canada (group exhibition)

            Collaborations, Instinc Gallery, Singapore (group exhibition)

2004   New Finds 2004, MICA Building, Singapore (group exhibition)

            Exit, Intrude Contemporary Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (group exhibition)

2003   22nd UOB Painting of the Year Exhibition, Jendela, The Esplanade, Singapore, (group exhibition)

            The Big Small Show, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore (group exhibition)

            No Apologies, Earl Lu Gallery, Singapore (group exhibition)

2002   Complementary, Earl Lu 2 Gallery, Singapore (group exhibition)

2000   A French Affair, NAFA Middle Road Gallery, Singapore (group exhibition)

             Women on Women, Artfolio Space Gallery, Singapore (group exhibition)

 Grants, Fellowships & Award

2014     Inside-Out Art Museum Artist Residency, Beijing, China

2013     Capability Development Grant, National Arts Council, Singapore

             Herhusið Artist Residency, Iceland

2011      Presentation and Promotion Grant, National Arts Council, Singapore

  The Arctic Circle Residency, International Territory of Svalbard

             Arts Professional Development Grant (Visual Arts), National Arts Council, Singapore

 2009   Presentation and Promotion Grant, National Arts Council, Singapore

 2008   Vermont Studio Center Artist Grant and Residency, Vermont, USA

 2007   Fiskars Artist Residency, Fiskars Village, Finland

             SIA-NAC Travel Grant, Singapore

2006    Red Gate Artist Residency, Beijing, China

             Rotary Club-NAC Arts Training Grant, Singapore

 2003   Emerging Artist Grant, National Arts Council, Singapore

  Highly Commended Work (Abstract Medium, Open Section), 22nd UOB Painting of the Year, Singapore 


2014   One Farrer Hotel, The Farrer Park Company Art Collection  

2010    Wall Murals (lobby and guestrooms), The Club (boutique hotel designed by Ministry of Design)

 Blush of a Golden Hue, commissioned painting for the Gryphon Tea Heritage Art Series, collaboration between Gryphon Tea and the National     Heritage Board, Singapore


Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

Spa Esprit Group, Singapore

Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China

Alexander Forbes Pte Ltd, Singapore

Private collections in Iceland, China, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, UK

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