Adrift, installation view at Singapore Art Museum, 2015.

In Adrift, the rhythmic passing of time is experienced through a ship’s porthole. Filmed during the artist’s 16-day voyage around the Arctic Circle, the video, whose audio component contains transmissions of the rattle and vibration of the ship’s engine coalesced with the lapping of ocean waves, creates an intimate yet distant encounter with this most northerly circle of the Earth’s latitude. 

Snowscapes (video; 10:34), 2013, video installation with tablet, plywood mount, 21 x 26cm

In Snowscapes, as water melts into snow, it reveals hidden industrial elements buried below. As more water creeps into the snow, it freezes and refreezes quickly again in the Arctic conditions. The process is likened to ‘painting’ with water on snow, where the element of chance and spontaneous water ‘washes’ come together to create unique abstract paintings captured in real time.

Arctic Dreams (video, 3:36)

In October 2011, I journeyed to the International Territory of Svalbard with The Arctic Circle, an annual expeditionary artist residency programme. For over two weeks, we sailed through the mountainous Arctic archipelago just 10 degrees from the North Pole, making shore landings along the way. This mini documentary follows that truly inspiring trip.

Kennd (video; 2:42)

Kennd, which means feeling and emotion in Icelandic, speaks of nostalgia and sepia-tinted memories.